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R.O water Purifier Counter -Top

1- R.O water Purifier Counter -Top

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Purified water by the tip of

your finger

Better Life International - R.O Water Purifier Under-Sink    

2- R.O Water Purifier Under-Sink

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The one and only safe water

right in your hand


3- Reverse Osmosis Unit

IT seris RO system is an integrated RO system, which integrates sand filter, active carbon filter, micro filter, RO unit and UV sterilizer. Controlled and protected by electrical system, it works as a complete water plant.


4- Water Softener

Water Softener uses multi-way control valve and controller, it has two control methods: time controlling and flow controlling, usually it is used in the system with steady water consumption. It is of high efficiency, low energie consumption and low operating costs.


5- RO Water Purifier


1- Metal stand & LCD digital display monitor
2- Three double O ring housing  
First stage with pp sediment 5 micron
Second stage UDF FILTER
Third stage CTO carbon filter
3- 75G filmtec American membrane
4- 75G goose pump & 1.5A adaptor
5- Post carbon filter
6- Low & high pressure
7- Mix needle valve
8- Flow restrictor & black solenoid valve
9- Automatic flush
10- 4.0G pressure tank
11- 11W ultraviolet Phillips lamp
12- Goose stainless steel faucet

6-  Main water tanks Blue 20"fat filter housing


- Black rib cap with red pressure release button

- Shower filter 4 stages
- comes with the new magnetic technology


7- Pure Water dispenser with RO system RO-75G/
filmtec membrane [ genuine dow filmtec element ]


-ultraviolet 11w Phillips lamp
-Large LED display touch screen
- Automatic flush
-Separate Holding tanks:

- Ambient(5L)
- Hot(1.8L)
- Cold(1.0L)
>> Cooling by compressor
- 6 stage filtration
- With water leakage protection
- With water leak alarm
- With children lock, it can lock the hot water button
- Unit Dimension: 37*37*55cm

8-  Big Ro Machine 1500 Litres


- Commercial 5-stage RO system
- Capacity: 200GPD filmtec membrane
- Automatic control working
- With flow measure, water meter
- Quick fitting
- Automatic flush
- Goose type faucet
- 11G water pressure tank
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